Girona – Dali Museum

You will fall in love with the city founded by the Romans – Gerunda – nowadays Girona with its 100.000 inhabitants. The actual Girona contains a lot of history and legends, the beautiful medieval Cathedral, the Jewish quarter from which is said the best preserved in Spain. At a short distance we will arrive in Figueres where we find the Salvador Dali Museum. The artist himself died in 1989 leaving behind a fortune and a big collection of art. Guided tour through the museum where we will be able to see the famous inner court with the “Rain Taxi”, the Cadillac, the stage under the dome with its paintings like, Gala overlooking the Mediterranean… Absolutely a must and so highly recommended. Some free time to admire the rest of the collection.


Tour Details & Price

Duration: 9 hours Does not include lunch, only time for lunch.


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